Tampa Bay Students for a Democratic Society

Multi-issue student organization at the University of South Florida fighting to make progressive change on campus and in the greater community! Meetings every Thursday at 5:00 PM in SOC 152!

About Us

Tampa Bay SDS is a chapter of a nationwide student-led, multi-issue, action-oriented organization called Students for a Democratic Society. As a chapter at the University of South Florida, we are currently campaigning for the school to defend diversity in the face of DeSantis style legislation seeking to prohibit diversity, equity, and inclusion programs including Women's and Gender Studies, Ethnic Studies and Multicultural Organizations!

DEFEND DIVERSITY!Protect Women's & Gender Studies as these programs are being threatened to be shut down through legislation from the DeSantis administration in Florida in particular
Expand Africana Studies since we have seen this program at USF continually shrink and have less courses offered and less staff in this body
Fund Multicultural Organizations as legislation such as HB999 aim to cut funding for student multicultural groups
• USF administration must defend and protect Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs, Ethnic Studies, and Women's and Gender Studies
Defend Diversity! Expand Africana Studies! Fund Multicultural Organizations! Protect Women’s & Gender Studies! Down with DeSantis!